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Summer dress code for the office


Sometimes the choice of shoes for the office is quite a difficult task. Especially if your leisure wardrobe is significantly different from what is customary to wear in the office of your company. To a greater extent, this question arises in the female half of the team, when the summer heat begins.

Which sandals will be appropriate at work, and which ones will be banned? We will talk about models suitable for the dress code of most companies.

A universal option is pumps, but they will be comfortable if air conditioning is actively working in your office in the summer. But what to wear if the temperature has exceeded the norm, and you sadly remember the flip flops from the beach arsenal?

Contrary to popular belief, open summer shoes can be worn in the office. It is important that otherwise is not fixed by the internal regulatory documents of the company. The most conservative rules on the types of summer shoes are in the banking and consulting sector, in government agencies and law enforcement agencies. If you do not get attached to the type of enterprise, then the general rule regarding closed shoes applies to business meetings, important events and conferences.

Recently, most companies have been striving to democratize the work process and create a less formal atmosphere in the team, so employees are allowed to choose clothes and shoes based on their own ideas about business style.

The design and construction of summer women’s shoes have so many options that you can discuss each name for a long time, but it’s best to follow the proven rule: if you open the toe, you must definitely close the heel, and vice versa.

If you still talk about specific groups of shoes, but from the office dress code should be excluded: pantolets, mules, clogs, i.e. those shoes that are loosely fixed on the foot and make a percussive sound. Sandals are also out of place in the office — both elegant and athletic, as well as summer shoes with decorative lacing that goes up the leg.

It is also better to put aside exclusively for the summer weekend sandals, decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, appliqué and other active decor. And only for a summer corporate party, sandals made of small straps on a stiletto heel or on a trendy platform in the style of the 70s are suitable. Despite the fact that this season designers recommend wearing shoes with architectural or contrasting heels, these shoes are also better to save for going out.

To make it more comfortable to survive the hot office summer, we recommend that you choose open-heeled sandals with a moderate heel or light ballerinas, in which the day will pass dynamically. In the online store sohoshop.ru you will find many interesting models to feel comfortable all day long.


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