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The only couple in Russia!


The only couple in Russia!

Probably everyone remembers that awkward feeling when two people find themselves in the same shoes at a meeting of friends.

To avoid this situation, you can buy shoes made to order, but this is a very expensive pleasure, and there are not many masters who offer such services at a high level. It is much more interesting to buy a pair from a well-known brand, but with a guarantee that you will not meet a friend in exactly the same.

The project «The only couple in Russia» on the site sohoshop.ru is a unique opportunity to become the owner of a pair that compatriots will definitely not have. Each pair participating in the project is presented only in one size and in one copy. Probably, you will have a question: where did these original models come from, if they were not handmade by the master?

Companies that distribute shoes bring collections of shoes and accessories to Russia, on the basis of which retail outlets and online stores place orders for the new season. But far from all models fall into seasonal orders, as buyers do not want to take risks and avoid models made in bold colors and textures. It is rare for shoes to be ordered, the design of which is too ahead of the trends already familiar to buyers. Also, factories sometimes provide models to test customer demand, and not always these models then go into mass production. There are times when, during the production season, the manufacturer decides to make changes to the design of the model, and then the prototype becomes the only pair in the initial design.

We have made a selection of models that, for various reasons, are the only couples in Russia. Each pair from our collection is unique in its kind, and to become the owner of such a thing is an incomparable joyful feeling!


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