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Three spring looks in sneakers in different styles


Three spring looks in sneakers in different styles

Sneakers have long been an integral part of the modern, trendy look and have occupied a large part of our wardrobe. Go for a walk with the kids or go to the office, head out into the countryside or rock out at a party: sneakers are the perfect shoe for any occasion!

How and with what are sneakers worn this season?

Let’s start with a classic look. A business suit will look impressive if you add high-soled sneakers to a strict look. Grunge and classic are an on-trend mix for spring/summer 2020. Classic white leather sneakers are still on trend. These are a must have item in any wardrobe and you can pair them with any outfit — soft feminine or unisex.


For a party or outrageous outing, sneakers with a massive embossed sole are perfect. In combination with a short skirt or dress, they will make your look bold and attractive. Such shoes well emphasize slender legs and all the advantages of the figure. Add high socks here — and you are in trend!


A casual look is easy to create with sneakers made in color block design. The sleek, classic silhouette of the sneaker and the colorful inserts on a white background are great for casual casual looks. When combining sneakers with jeans, it is important to avoid sweatshirts or T-shirts as tops, it is better to try on a loose-fitting jacket and or elegant top.


You can easily create your own individual image, for this you just need to choose sneakers on our website. After all, sneakers are the perfect shoes for life, no matter what rhythm it takes!


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