Types of SofSole insoles

Today, SofSol products occupy one of the leading positions in the market of orthopedic products. The entire model range of these insoles is developed on the basis of innovative technologies, and the most high-quality, safe and durable materials are used for their manufacture. As numerous tests have shown, with daily use of these insoles, the […]

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«Minutes of Comfort«is not a simple» ordinary online store «. Our vocation is to create and give emotions. Emotions for ourselves, emotions for our clients and partners. Emotions of comfort, warmth, fun and sincerity. After all, what we offer to customers goes beyond the usual sale of goods. What we sell is designed by its […]

Features of Pedag sports insoles

Doctors strongly recommend the use of special sports insoles for people who lead an active lifestyle and do sports. Such products have increased cushioning characteristics, thanks to which the limit of the capabilities of a person who is training increases. In addition, orthopedic insoles for sports significantly reduce the load on the feet, accordingly, it […]

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Photo of bathrobes Shall we shoot? We have the first trials of shooting bathrobes. Why do we need it? Why not do like everyone else, put up standard photos found on the Internet? We have our reasons for this: 1. We believewhat the buyer of the online store actually buys a photobut gets product. And […]