How long should a child wear orthopedic shoes?

How long should a child wear orthopedic shoes? Special orthopedic shoes are prescribed by a doctor only if children have disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The purpose of such appointment is to correct violations and prevent them. The effectiveness and efficiency of such therapy directly depends on how correctly the pair is selected, and how […]

How can an adult get orthopedic shoes for free?

Orthopedic shoes for adults are used in case of serious pathologies — IV degree flat feet, diabetic foot with a violation of the correct position of the toes, amputation of the toes and other problems when wearing ordinary shoes is impossible and may lead to the progression of the disorder. Since complex technologies and expensive […]

How to avoid flat feet

Flat feet is a pathological change in the shape of the foot caused by the lowering of the arch of the foot. Such deformation can develop at different ages. Many are interested in how to prevent flat feet. In order to prevent the development of foot arch deformity, you should know the main causes of […]

How to get orthopedic shoes for a child?

Free orthopedic shoes for children are used for serious disorders — IV degree flat feet, complex cases of varus deformity and other pathologies in which the use of ordinary shoes with orthopedic properties is ineffective. Such shoes are made to order, they take into account the peculiarities of the anatomical structure and the degree of […]

The bone on the side of the leg hurts — what to do?

A lump on the side of the leg is a common problem, but not everyone knows why it appears, how dangerous it is, and whether it can be removed. It can grow with valgus deformity of the first toe, which is called «Hallux valgus». It is characterized by the elimination of phalanges in relation to […]