Types of SofSole insoles

Types of SofSole insoles

Today, SofSol products occupy one of the leading positions in the market of orthopedic products. The entire model range of these insoles is developed on the basis of innovative technologies, and the most high-quality, safe and durable materials are used for their manufacture. As numerous tests have shown, with daily use of these insoles, the change in the shape of the product is only 8% per year. And this means that they retain more than 92% of their initial qualities, cushioning properties and comfort after a year with daily sock use, which is their absolute advantage. There are models of SofSol insoles for men and products for women, and there are also different areas of their application. Let’s talk about the purposes for which it is better to use insoles, but let’s agree right away that all SofSol insoles are suitable for everyday use, but for certain sports it is better to give preference to specific models.

Insoles for everyday use and long walking

Insoles designed for daily use are designed to provide maximum comfort when walking. They relieve fatigue well and relieve the lower limbs after serious sports activities, and are also recommended during the recovery period after injuries. Such products include SofSole Fit insoles. There are women’s and men’s models for different heights of the arch of the foot (High, Neutral, Low). They are designed for classic and sports shoes, have an upper coating of SK Mesh resistant to abrasion, are made of EVA foam of different densities in the area of ​​the heel, metatarsal, arch of the foot, provide arch support for different degrees of pronation. SofSole Memory insoles are also good for everyday wear — soft, antibacterial with moisture control. They provide good support, and the presence of SofRecall memory foam allows you to accurately follow the contours of the foot.

Running insoles

SofSole New Airr insoles are used to increase the athlete’s efficiency when running cross-country, on mountains and for daily runs. Among their features: the use of Implus foam, which provides excellent energy transfer for maximum efficiency, a SofGel cushion in the front part for shock absorption. And also Skydex — the technology of air chambers in the area of ​​the arch of the foot and heel to absorb loads and shocks and further transform them into additional energy. In addition, there is CoolMax — a moisture control system and Microban — protection against bacteria and unpleasant odors. For marathon running, athletics and daily runs, SofSole Athlete insoles are suitable, which have polymer gel for shock absorption in the heel and forefoot. And the high rise of the foot allows you to support the leg and reduce fatigue. You can also use SofSole Fit insoles, which have a different level of foot lift, which provides maximum support, and a cup-shaped heel, which guarantees excellent stabilization.

Insoles for football

Amateur and professional football players can use SofSole Fit (High, Neutral, Low) insoles for training and competitions, which have already been mentioned above, and the SofSole Gel Active model provides support and cushioning. The polymer gel in the heel and forefoot perfectly absorbs shocks, and the high rise of the foot supports the leg well and significantly reduces fatigue.

Insoles for indoor sports

For better performance, the SofSole New Airr insoles will be indispensable, providing additional power during the push thanks to shock-absorbing air chambers and polymer gel in the forefoot. The SofSole Athlete model is no less effective, in which due to the gel there is a quick shock reaction, the load on the ankle and knee joints is reduced. SofSole Fit insoles also provide full transfer of foot energy. And insoles with polymer gel of triple density SofSole Gel Active helps when running, jumping and fast turns.

Insoles for winter sports

When practicing winter sports, the legs are exposed to very large loads. Therefore, to reduce fatigue and injuries, it is necessary to use SofSole insoles. For snowboarding, the SofSole New Airr model is suitable, which provides shock absorption. And the universal SofSole Fit insoles, which evenly distribute the load on the foot, can also be used for snowboarding and mountain skiing.

Insoles for tourism

In the harsh conditions of the mountains, SofSole insoles will best provide comfort and protection for the feet. The most suitable model for tourism is the insoles made of SofSole Memory foam. They perfectly take the shape of the foot and prevent leg fatigue during a long journey over rough terrain, and will also be a great addition to mountaineering and trekking shoes.

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«Minutes of Comfort«is not a simple» ordinary online store «. Our vocation is to create and give emotions. Emotions for ourselves, emotions for our clients and partners. Emotions of comfort, warmth, fun and sincerity.

After all, what we offer to customers goes beyond the usual sale of goods. What we sell is designed by its very essence to carry emotions. Positive emotions. Emotions that will make the life of customers at least a little better, more fun, more comfortable.

The goal of our team is to multiply these emotions. We want to give emotions, we want to receive emotions, because as they say: «If you share your emotions, they do not become less.»

We are tired of the widespread lack of service and human relations. We want to change society, we want to change people’s attitude towards each other. Let our efforts on the scale of the whole society be a drop in the ocean, but this drop will be the most correct and it will be ours!

Our core values ​​(what we believe in):

one. Originality – we try to find a non-standard approach to banal things.

2. Service and attitude We strive to treat all people the way we would like to be treated.

3. Dynamics and innovation We don’t like to be bored and stand still. We love to move and change. Become a better person and help others to do the same.

four. Leadership We don’t want to sell everything to our customers. We want to be the best in one narrow niche, but to do it in such a way that our customers really evoke emotions with their professionalism, attitude, and quality of service.

5. Philosophy of comfort – we believe that moments of comfort can make life richer and happier. And we carry this philosophy to others.

And if after getting to know us your life becomes even a little bit brighter, we will be really happy. This is our main goal!

Features of Pedag sports insoles

Features of Pedag sports insoles

Doctors strongly recommend the use of special sports insoles for people who lead an active lifestyle and do sports. Such products have increased cushioning characteristics, thanks to which the limit of the capabilities of a person who is training increases. In addition, orthopedic insoles for sports significantly reduce the load on the feet, accordingly, it is possible to avoid discomfort and pain, and post-traumatic rehabilitation occurs many times faster. One of the leaders in the production of orthopedic insoles, and sports ones in particular, is the German company Pedag. It is one of the few brands in the world that has a TUV certificate, which confirms that each product has undergone all the necessary technological processes and meets the highest quality standards. This is what distinguishes Pedag insoles from fakes, which, despite the external similarity, are dangerous to health.

Why are sports insoles necessary for teachers

During sports, when a person runs, jumps or simply actively moves, very large loads fall on the feet, as a result of which their arches can flatten. In addition, with increased training, the shock-absorbing properties of the foot decrease, and certain changes may occur in the bone apparatus, resulting in gradual wear and tear of the joints. Therefore, the way out of such a situation can be prevention, namely the use of orthopedic insoles for sports, which are also able to prevent the likelihood of various injuries, as they allow you to maintain the foot in a physiologically correct position. Regardless of the model, all pedago insoles are made of the most high-quality, durable hyperallergenic materials, and they differ from each other in their characteristics, which we will talk about below.

The most popular models of Pedag sports insoles

Power — products made according to a new method of frame construction are of great interest to dynamic people. At the base of the insole, two materials of different stiffness and resistance are combined. Harder elements are placed in those areas where great stability is needed, and semi-rigid elements are placed in other areas. Thanks to this combination, the insole becomes more ergonomic and provides maximum support for the feet during physical activity. A feature of the model is the ability to individually adapt it to the foot. There are two types of Power insoles: High and Mid, which differ in the height of the frame of the longitudinal arch.

Energy High and Energy Mid are quite efficient models that can also be adjusted specifically for the user. They are designed for running sports. As in the previous models, these insoles combine two types of materials, have a soft coating and a small thickness, which makes them as comfortable as possible;

Viva Sport is an innovative frame insole for all types of sports. The longitudinal arch effectively supports the rigid frame, the shock absorber of the heel area absorbs shocks, and the support of the forefoot is provided by the metatarsal pads. The special fabric of the surface of the products quickly removes moisture, and the main material of high-tech foam with tiny air-filled bubbles absorbs impact and insulates from the cold, which allows you to use them at any time of the year;

Energy with an anti-shock system (Anti-Shock-System) reduces shock loads on ankle, hip and knee joints, as well as cervical vertebrae. They have a moisture-absorbing terry coating. The engraved cup shape of the insole is inclined, which gives the joint and heel support, preventing the appearance of fatigue;

Performance for running, fitness, etc. The model is made of high-tech fiber with high moisture absorption capacity. The base of the anatomical shape guarantees an even distribution of the load, the design and materials create a feeling of light massage, and the perforation ensures air circulation and feet do not sweat.

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Photo of bathrobes

Shall we shoot?

We have the first trials of shooting bathrobes. Why do we need it? Why not do like everyone else, put up standard photos found on the Internet? We have our reasons for this:

1. We believewhat the buyer of the online store actually buys a photobut gets product. And not always a photo = a product. There are disappointments. We don’t want to give EMOTIONS disappointment to our customers.

2. We want bring your contribution to the online home clothing market. We want to develop it and make it better. Even if one person, having seen our photos, decides to buy on the Internet, we have achieved a result! This is our goal. These are new emotions for customers — after all, buying on the Internet is so exciting, convenient and economical!

3. We are interested the process of photographing bathrobes. Model, Topa, photographer, light… Everything is so much fun! After all, this all happens right at our workplace — right in the office in front of the desktops! We have a fun job!

But as it turns out, it’s not that easy. Photo light setting, setting, background, etc.

And Topa climbs into the frame:

For this he paid the price:

And even despite everything, he climbed into the frame:

But in general, the test shooting was a success, a lot of photos were taken, it was found out what else was needed from the equipment. All the work is still ahead … But most importantly, we are on the right track!